What kind of blog and who is this person?

 This is a blog that will problematize the gap between the physical and online world. The use of technology, Internet and social medias is now a ubiquitous factor in our daily life. This blog will examine the positive and negative outcome of your huge use of the Internet. Especially through the younger generation, also called the “Net generation”, by writer Dan Tapscott, which is the first generation that grew up with the Internet and social media as part of their daily life. The Net generation has a whole new understanding of the Internet and its use and it uses the Internet for many personal routines and they make social contact through social medias like Facebook. But my question is, are psychical relations fading – will all our social contact in the future only be found on the Internet?

This blog will use links from different social medias, videos, pictures and latest trends, to show how our social interaction between each other has changed.

I want you to think about your use of the Internet and how it has influenced our society. Most important – will you consider the Internet as being your best friend?

“Who am I?  That’s a secret I’ll never tell..”

But my interest in the Internet and social media comes from my currently bachelor degree studies in Digital Design, Visual Arts, Digital Communication, Social Media and the psychology in Advertisement and Society. As a digital designer, I’m a sucker for new technology and social medias and I do agree that these things are changing our society and our relations to each other.

But, I’m not sure if it’s changing for the better or the worse?



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