When are you YOU?

So I thought about the movie I made last week, hope you liked it, and wondered if the use of the phone and the internet in social situations are a good thing or not. Off course its not nice to step in a rain pit or almost get run over by a car cause your so into the newest Facebook update (don’t know what I’m talking about? Find the video I posted on 12. of March).

But there is also good things about being social online and skip out the physical world for just a minute or two, right?


Ever been in this situation?

 I started thinking about the people who are not normally social in the physical world but find mutual minded friends online in virtual worlds and games. I found this inspiration when I went trough my bookshelf and found Sherry Turkle and her book Life on the Screen – Identity in the Age of the Internet. Turkle is like me wondering how social media and the ubiquitous aspect of the Internet is changing us. She writes that the Internet has definitely changed our views on physical relationships to each other and changed the views on our self. But most importantly the Internet and especially the change to be anonymous give us a golden opportunity to play with our identity online. So when people go to social worlds like World of Warcraft, Second Life etc. we can play with our identity and a rather shy person in the psychical world can now be the inner war princes, bad ass, what do I know. That can’t be a bad thing or can it?

Now, have you ever seen the show on MTV Catfish?

The show is basically about a team helping young people who has fallen in love online and now wonders if the person they fell in love with is actually real or not. Sadly, most of the people behind the Facebook profile, avatar etc. does not exist and is basically a made up figure by a middle-aged housewife, a young boy, and on and on. Watch the show and you will see. The people on the show are always really sad when they are told the truth about their true love.


In this sense being social online and play with your identity will actually harm others. Sherry Turkle also shares this concern cause she is afraid young people will not be able to distinguish between real physical relationships and being social online. She asks:

“Are we living the life on screen, or the life in the screen?” What do you think?

To this very serious question I want to spice your mood up a little bit. So Turkle is concerned if it changes our views on relationships and in this way also in friendship. I stumbled upon this great blogger TheSecretBlogger who writes, “I don’t like all of my online friends” – take a look here: http://www.tots100.co.uk/2013/07/18/the-secret-blogger-i-dont-like-all-my-online-friends/. Skærmbillede 2014-03-18 kl. 22.25.17

She hilariously describes how she actually doesn’t like all here friends online and really just want to   un-friend them online but she is to scared to do so and wonders if there are any consequences by it. She   writes: “I find online friends even harder to cut ties with than those in the “real world”. You see, unless   you suddenly start Tweeting under a different name, they will always know you’re there. It’s like turning up to a party in disguise – you wouldn’t do it. So I stay friends online with the people I don’t really like and carry on chatting to them occasionally, to be polite” (July 8th, 2013, The Secret Blogger).  I found the blog so cute and it made me think how i value ALL of my online friends and if I dear to un-friend them or not. What do you do?

Well by the end of this I guess I’m just wondering, where do you find your true friends and when are you the real YOU – online, in the physical world, or both?


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