A walk with the phone?

Have you ever counted how many times you use your phone during the day? I started counting the other day, but gave up!

I realized how my phone is not just a phone but my alarm clock in the morning, my timer when I boil my egg, my watch during the day, my calculator, my GPS when I get lost but most importantly its my “social-awkward-exit-strategy” (and yes, I made that awesome word up by myself).

By my “social-awkward-exit-strategy” I mean all the situations during the day when your phone really is the best thing to have in your hand! Like taking in the crowded bus to school in the morning – where to look? It’s always super awkward to get eye contact with the stranger which lap you are almost sitting on – perfect to have the phone and then avoid eye contact at all! But then I went to school and realized I’m not the only one using this strategy – everybody at school uses their phone on their way from one class to another, and then outside school when people are waiting for the red light to shift, and then and then and then.

I thought about this for quite a while and was pretty worried about this.

Since it is so easy to be online all the time and almost everybody owns a smartphone it is soooo compelling just to take a little peak on Twitter, Facebook etc. when you are on your way from A to B during the day. I decided to make a video of a typical day were someone is getting from A to B – off course with his phone in his hands. How much do you think he notices on his way home – nature, people, traffic or just the latest status update on Facebook?

Take a look and perhaps you should look up from your phone the next time, otherwise you might end up in a rain pit too 😉


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