Who do you tell all your biggest secrets to?

If you had a huge secret whom would you share it with – your best friend since high school, your mom, dad? Or would you tell it anonymous to a group of complete strangers?

One of the biggest trends right now is to share your secrets anonymously online. I must admit I’m a real sucker for all the sites and apps I can find with this theme. Though I have never shared a secret myself I’m a really in to reading other people’s secrets – but its kind of weird or no?


From Postsecret.com

I have to admit that it’s a regular routine for me to check my app Whisper that can also be found on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WhisperApp) every morning before I get out of bed. If I’m bored I sometimes go to the “mother” of all secrets sites, Postscret.com, who started the whole trend back in 2005. In the evening I happily put on my favourite TV-show, Gossip Girl, which also has the secret sharing as a main focus. I just realized from writing this that I am totally addicted to other people secrets? I’m even kind of embarrassed now to admit that I am also the creator and administrator of a Danish secret site called Voresonlinehemmelighed.dk (translated: Ouronlinesecret). But why do others and I even find this interesting, we don’t know these people and never will? And why do people even share their secrets to begin with?

Gossip Girl - favorite show of all times!

Gossip Girl – favorite show of all times!

Why share your secret?

The great thing about having the Internet as your best friend and tell all your secrets there is that the Internet is a friend you can really trust. The possibility to be anonymous makes you certain that your secret will never be related to you and that the Internet will have “your back” all the time.

But why do some people do this? Is it a substitute for real psychical friendships or is it just a possibility to share all the things you wouldn’t even share with your best physical friend? If the first one is true it is kind of worrying to me, if people are starting to choose anonymous and unfamiliar people online instead of physical friendships. But I can also see a really good point in that people can meet on a “common ground”, no one is judging you cause most of the people on the site or app are all there for the same reason as you – to share a secret, no matter what kind of secret or what the reason is to tell their secret online.

To me all this is okay, as long no harm is done and I find it really positive if some people can find relief in sharing or reading secrets.

But today my roommate showed me a huge trend going on in Singapore, which concerns med a lot. It is a site on Facebook where student from The National University of Singapore text in secrets about their fellow students, which is later, posted anonymous on the wall by the administrators of the page. Look here: https://www.facebook.com/nusconfessions?fref=ts.

Skærmbillede 2014-02-26 kl. 00.15.59

NUS Confessions (National University of Singapore)

It’s really like Gossip Girl just in real life! But that’s what makes it really scary right? Is it just people having fun or is it online bullying?

The Internet is great for many things and I still don’t know why I fell so drawn to other people’s secrets, but I see both negative and positive sides at this trend. What about you?

Who do you tell your biggest secrets to and whom do you trust the most – your best friend or the Internet?


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