Internet I <3 U!



Welcome to my blog and this first blog post!
Are you really in to technology and social media? Then keep on reading I hope you will enjoy!

Let me start by asking, how would you describe your best friend?

Let me guess: someone who is always there for you, day and night. Someone you can tell all your secrets to, without ever have to wonder if your secrets are told to anybody else. Someone you can have great experiences with. Who knows what you like and not like. That sounds like a really good friend right? Best thing is, we all have that best friend – it’s the Internet!!

What do you think – am I totally on a wrong track here?

The Internet is all around us, we can go online almost every second, we use it for multiple daily tasks throughout the day, we talk and meet witch each other online and so on and so on. Through this blog I want to put forth the question how the Internet affects us human beings, both in our direct interaction with the computer but also in our interaction between people in the physical world. Also how online communities and especially the popular creation of volatile communities will or will not benefit the humans in the creation of self-identity. This blog will therefore be focusing on the gap between physical and online life and discuss the impact of present and future technology on the formation of identity, communities, culture and much more. The more technology grow the greater impact it will have on our society that is why we need to understand this influence. We need to understand the gap between body and mind, to understand what the computer does for us but e specially what it does to us.

But why do I care and why should you care?

I was born in 1990, so I am a part of what writer Dan Tapscott calls the Net Generation. The Net Generation are people born between 1977 and 1998 and this is the first generation that grew up with social medias and Tapscott describes in his book “Grown Up Digital. How the net generation is changing your world” (2009) how this upbringing has had a deep impact on how this generation thinks and acts. But most importantly the Net Generation grew up with a constant impact by rapidly changing technologies that affected their lives thoroughly. As a result nowadays´ permanent shift in technology is not a challenge for this generation as they adapt very quickly and naturally. This characteristic is rather beneficial for this generation, however it might represent a threat, as they do not realize the effects of this constant development in technology. But is this only a positive effect or is it a negative one?

I hope by reading this blog you will stop and think about your use of the Internet – I know I will.



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